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Judges is "The Great Book of Israel's Judges or Deliverers." Within Israel, the task of the judge (sopet) was far more than just determining legal cases. The judge was the leader of the people, both the military and civil leader. When God raised up a person to become the judge (sopet) of His people, that person became the savior, deliverer, and liberator from some oppressor. Then, after delivering God's people from their oppressors, the judge usually became the civil leader.

There were fifteen judges altogether: thirteen are covered in the Book of Judges (counting Barak) and two are covered in 1 Samuel, Eli and Samuel. Judges is "The Great Book That Demonstrates the Power of God's Spirit When He Comes Upon a Person."

⇒  The Spirit empowered Othniel to deliver Israel (3:10).

⇒  The Spirit empowered Gideon to deliver Israel (6:34).

⇒  The Spirit empowered Jephthah to deliver Israel (11:29).

⇒  The Spirit empowered Samson with amazing strength (14:6, 19; 15:14).

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