Every Sunday there are classes for children, youth, and adults. Adults have the following options for their classes. Contact one of these leaders to ask any questions you may have:  

Think Differently: Nothing is Different Until You Think Differently by James Macdonald
Led by Carl Poole // Location: Social Hall // Book Cost: $10

This study is about the way our thinking influences everything we do. Thinking determines outcome more than anything else. Your actions, attitudes, and self-awareness all flow from the way you think about God, His world and yourself. Changing the way you think is one of the hardest tasks you can take on but also one of the most rewarding! With God's help this study can help you think differently.

Highlights of Church History - Part Two
Led by Mike Stokes // Location: Sanctuary

Several people who took Mike's Reformation class in the Fall expressed an interest in learning more about church history, so here's your chance.  We'll highlight some of the more important events and controversies in the history of the church that have helped to shape and articulate what we believe as Christians today.