Current teaching series

every sunday // 10:30AM

Christians can choose to be joyful, and a study of the New Testament book of Philippians shows us how. Though we all have much to be grateful for, the speed and the stress of life often squeeze the joy right out of us.

Paul teaches that joy is a choice made by those who discipline their attitudes. How is this possible? It is an attitude that determines feelings, not a feeling that determines our attitude. It is not automatic, but hard work.

Remember God's blessings on your family and friends. Glory in even the simplest things. Learn to see God's goodness, because tough times will come. Focus on future hope. Pray about everything.

Joy doesn't just wait for answer, but grows through prayer itself. Find contentment in what you have, rather than despair at what you don't.

Join us for our weekly series in the book of Philippians Sundays beginning in February at 10:30AM.