Abide with Christ

Sunday Mornings // 10:30AM

Jesus said the unattached branch is "out" and off by itself; it is not abiding in the Vine and not attached. To say that a branch must be attached and abide in the vine may sound redundant at first. But the truth is pointed: there is no life and no fruit in life apart from Christ. Just as a branch suspended out in mid-air or lying on the ground without any attachment to the vine is lifeless and meaningless, so a man on the earth without attachment to Christ is lifeless and meaningless.

Those who seek life and meaning someplace other than in Christ are doomed to failure. The unattached and suspended branch is of and by itself—all alone upon this earth—and it is doomed to be by itself.

Those who seek to remain attached to the branch will bear fruit, real and permanent fruit that is acceptable and pleasing to God. 

No one bears fruit apart from Christ...
•  no one lives or experiences life. 
•  a man is helpless to find the meaning, purpose, and significance to life.

The one who Abides in Christ finds energy and strength, and everything else needed  to live the abundant life..
•  using gifts and abilities
•  experiencing life and life eternal
•  enjoying family and friends
•  discovering hopes and dreams
•  living with confidence and assurance
•  fulfilling purpose and meaning

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30AM as we go through this series.